It has been long since I wrote monthly summaries. However, this January has been an extraordinary month that is worth noting. If any following month reaches such level of abnormality, it shall be a permanent routine to write down what happens each month.

The first is a dramatic ER visit by ambulance. On Jan 23, in a gym in Century City, I had experienced nausea and threw up, ensuing panic attack rendered me numb and immobile. While waiting for my friend and crouching in the sofa in the lobby, I asked the front desk staff to call paramedics, as I had the premonition that the worst might happen. Then, I had the lifetime experience of being taken to a chair and transported to the ER by an ambulance. I had to wait for the doctor anxiously as the symptoms gradually subsided. In the end, thankfully, I recovered fully in 24 hours. I had similar incidents but that was on a boat, or of food poisoning. What had struck me most was that I still had no idea what caused it this time.

Then, a week later, my car was hit in a parking lot. It was a first, too. While some things are bound to happen sooner or later, it did surprise me they like to occur together. Not the mention that two weeks ago, my online order was found bluntly stolen from the package in front of my door, delivered only 30 minutes ago. Investment was under-performing. Progress on capstone project was lacking…

I felt as January passed, February can pass in a more positive light. One of the changes I have made is, ironically enough, that I picked up my pen (keyboard) again and started writing on this blog. I first finished a post from 4 months ago as I felt the urge to get things done. I also applauded myself for finishing reading a book that took me forever. I went to the gym again, after a respite. Now, I shall do more, and wonderful things will happen.

Published on February 3, 2020